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Sample Preparation for Infrared Spectroscopy Gases Gases, or liquids with low boiling points, allowed to expand into an evacuated sample cell Liquids Neat ”: pure liquid used solid NaCl plates most commonly employed as “windows” (NaCl does not absorb infrared light in the mid-IR region) a solution of the liquid sample can sometimes be used, but solvent may also absorb in the infrared region water and alcohols (e.g., methanol, ethanol, etc.) seldom used as solvents because they absorb strongly in the infrared region
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Unformatted text preview: and dissolve NaCl Solids • a solution of the solid sample can sometimes be used (but also must consider the properties of the solvent) • “ Nujol mull ”: dispersion of the solid in a heavy hydrocarbon liquid (Nujol); particle size of the suspended solid must be very small to prevent light scattering • “ KBr press ”: solid sample mixed with solid KBr (transparent in the mid-IR region), then ground and pressed in a special die to yield a transparent “window”...
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