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Formulas for Applied Problems with Exponential or Logarithmic Formulas Radioactive Decay Formula : / 0 0 2 or 2 t t h h A A A A - - = = where A is the final amount, 0 A is the initial amount present at time 0, t is the time, and h is the half-life of the material. Population Growth: kt e P P 0 = where P is the current population, 0 P is the initial population at time 0, t is time in years, and k is the growth rate. Light Intensity: 0 x I I k = where I is the intensity of light (in lumens) at a distance of x meters below the surface of water and 0 I is the intensity of light above the water and k is a constant that depends on the clarity of the water. pH formula: ] log[ 3 + - = O H pH where pH is the number representing the acidity or alkalinity of a solution and ] [ 3 + O H is the hydronium ion concentration in moles per liter. (A pH of 7 is neutral, less than 7 (0-7) is acidic with the smaller the number the more
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Unformatted text preview: acidic, and more than 7 (7-14) is alkaline with the greater the number the more alkaline.) Richter Scale : = P A R log where R is the Richter scale measurement, A is the amplitude measured in micrometers, and P is the period or the time of one oscillation in seconds on the surface of the earth. Decibel Voltage Gain: 20log o I E db E = where db is the decibel voltage gain, E is the output voltage of a device and I E is the input voltage. Decibel Level of Sound: 10log I D I = where D is the decibel level, I is the intensity level, and I is the threshold sound intensity (a very faint sound). Population Doubling Time: ln 2 t r = where t is the time for a population to double and r is the growth rate as a decimal....
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