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Applications of Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 1) Tritium has a half-life of 12.4 years. If a sample contains 100 grams, how many grams (rounded to the nearest tenth of a gram) will be remaining in 50 years? 2) The half-life of cobolt-56 is 78.76 days. If there are 2000 grams of the cobolt-56, how much (to the nearest tenth of a gram) is present after 100 days? 3) The population of a certain small city is predicted to grow according to the model, t P ) 25 . 1 ( 42 = , where P is in thousands and t is time in years . a) What was the population at time 0 years? b) What will be in population (to the nearest tenth of a thousand) after 20 years? 4) A colony of bacteria is growing according to the model t P ) 5 . 2 )( 10 2 ( 5 × = , where P is the population and t is the number of hours. a) How many bacteria were there initially? b) How many bacteria will there be in 7 hours? Write you answer using scientific notation rounded to 2 decimal places. 5) A city's population is growing according to the Population growth model. If the initial population is 75,000 and the growth rate is 0.012, what would be the population in a) 5 years? b)
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Wkstexp&logapplications - Applications of...

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