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Name Speech 1 9:30 Persuasive Speech Outline Date Stop Buying Products From Companies That Use Sweatshops (Proposition of Policy) Introduction : How many of you have purchased products from any of these companies? ( visual aid ) * Nike * Phillips-Van Heusen * Disney * Guess? * The Gap * Banana Republic * Old Navy * Tommy Hilfiger * Reebok * Levi Straus * Liz Caliborne * Ralph Lauren * Mattel * Wal-Mart * Roohsing(Hong Kong clothing company) * Kohl's ( Credibility statement ) I used to, until I found out how many of their products are made. ( Pathos Show 30 sec. Global Exchange video of Sadisah, an Indonesian ex-Nike worker, who, with dignity and defiance, describes conditions for workers there and what she wants done about them.) Children are sold like furniture, branded, beaten, blinded as punishment for wanting to go home, rendered speechless by the trauma of their enslavement. For pennies an hour, these children work in dank sheds, stitching soccer balls with the familiar Nike swoosh and t- shirts, skirts, shoes, dolls—so transnational companies can make their fortunes. Many U.S. companies have sweatshops in Indonesia, Korea, Taiwan, El Salvador, Pakistan, and many poor countries some of us have never even heard of. ( Preview) I hope to persuade you today that the use of sweatshops to produce clothing at a low cost is inhumane and handled poorly by most U.S. corporations. I want to persuade you to become active in changing the unfortunate circumstances surrounding sweatshops. ( Proposition of policy) Once you hear my speech, I hope you will stop buying products from companies that use
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PersuasiveOutline - Name Speech 1 9:30 Persuasive Speech...

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