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PracticeSpeech - Practicing Your Speech Delivery Any...

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Practicing Your Speech Delivery Any successful speaker, novice or professional, will validate that it is ESSENTIAL to PRACTICE a presentation prior to the final delivery to an audience. To not do so is to undermine your chances of personal satisfaction, making a reasonable impression upon your audience, and being able to be clear and effective with your message. PRACTICE IS ESSENTIAL : Failing to practice is practicing to fail ! For most situations, an extemporaneous delivery works best. Extemporaneous delivery entails careful preparation and ample practice. The main points/examples/ideas are deeply embedded into your memory, yet each time you present; there is an element of spontaneity and flexibility. You can be spontaneous and flexible only if you have practiced. Extemporaneous delivery is neither memorized nor read. It is conversational and communicative with the audience. The following is the “Four Day Practice Plan,”
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