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PreparingYourSpeech - BODY Main Point 1 Support with...

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INTRODUCTION Attention Getter Personal Story Skit/Demonstration Hypothetical Scenario Relevant Humor Personalize Why you chose this topic Your credibility/experience with the topic Connect with the Audience/Audience Relevance Why it is important to the audience How the audience can use the information you are presenting Thesis One clear, narrowly focused single statement of the purpose of your speech Preview What 2-4 main points you will cover
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Unformatted text preview: BODY Main Point 1: Support with explanations, testimony, stories, demonstration, audience messages (transition) Main Point 2: (transition) Main Point 3: CONCLUSION Cue: “in closing”, “in conclusion”, “now that you know…” Summary: repeat your main points Memorable Close Personal Story Skit/Demonstration Hypothetical Scenario Audience appeal Link back to introduction...
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