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S. C. (name) 11:30 Speech 1 Stasio Introduction: Here’s a fact from a Texas A&M University study: Every year U.S. motorists spend more than 3.7 billion hours in gridlocked traffic. Now imagine the busy streets of New York City, or San Francisco. At any given time cars line the streets, backing traffic up for miles, creating the bumper-to-bumper commute we all know so well from driving Highway 85 to school in the morning (attention getter and audience message). It is known in all major metropolitan cities that the fastest way to get a message from point A to point B is by bicycle messengers. So while you sit there in traffic, complaining about how late you’re going to be for work, a bike messenger rides between your car, and the car to your left, and you watch him disappear into the cluttered street ahead of you, and think to yourself, “wow, a guy on a bike just sped past me in my car.” That is why I’m
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