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bus 101 final studyguide - BUSINESS 101 FINAL STUDY GUIDE...

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BUSINESS 101 FINAL STUDY GUIDE Stakeholder interests Employee: Stable job Privacy Safe workplace Right to blow the whistle Not be discriminated Bargain collectively Customers: Fair prices Quality products Safe products Competition/options Suppliers: Consistent transactions Prompt payment Community: Employment for residents Local economic development Protect local environment Owners: Maximize profits Maintain dividends Increase capital appreciation EMPLOYEES acquisition and management of human capital Legal rights : 1. Right to organize and bargain collectively Organize labor unions and bargain w/ employers over terms in contract Employers are required to bargain in good faith with employee unions, not required to agree on demands Everyone is protected(union vs no union) by minimum wage laws Unions negotiate: wages, working conditions, and other terms of employment 2. Safe and healthy workplace How companies avoid accidents: careful precautions, extensive training, strict regulations, tough enforcement OSHA sets/enforces safety and health standards in workplace, violators punished
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3. Equal Employment 4. Job security – NOT protected Employment-at-will doctrine states that employees are hired and fired at the discretion of the employer: can be fired for any reason exceptions include… Cannot be fired because of: race, gender, religion, national origin, age or disability Cannot violate WARN (60 day, notification) Cannot be fired because of union involvement Cannot be fired for reporting safety violation Employee Duties : 1. Not abuse drugs/alcohol 2. Not use company email to send obscene messages 3. Not steal from employer 4. Deal with customers and coworkers respectfully 5. Loyalty and commitment 6. Not reveal confidential info
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bus 101 final studyguide - BUSINESS 101 FINAL STUDY GUIDE...

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