Final Project - McDonalds has many internal and external...

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McDonalds’ has many internal and external attributes, both of which have good and bad points. First we will look at McDonalds’ internal strengths to its company. McDonalds was established in 1955 and has been a thriving company since then. In 2008 McDonalds was ranked 6 th in the entire world as most admirable food service company. The brand equity for McDonalds has risen a huge amount, it is known as the best fast food company by sales, with a strong network; over 31,000 restaurants and operating in over 121 countries. The company is known for having a very unique system of internal promotion. Twenty of its top fifty employees started as entry level employees and worked their way up the corporate ladder. Also a huge amount of its restaurant managers were first entry level hires. McDonalds’ has been known for its “best place to work for minorities” as it hires a large amount of minorities and spends annually over $1 billion dollars on training for employees. This shows a huge strength in employee’s loyalty and knowledge. McDonalds’ is known worldwide and operates, as specified earlier, all over the world.
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Final Project - McDonalds has many internal and external...

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