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Quiz 1 Study Guide - Chapter 1 1. What is MIS? a. planning...

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Chapter 1 1. What is MIS? a. planning for, development, management, and use of IT tools to help people perform all tasks related to information processing and management 2. What are the 3 key resources in MIS? a. Information b. People c. Information technology 3. Which key resource is the most important of the 3? a. PEOPLE 4. Describe the Intelligence Asset Hierarchy? a. Data(123456789) b. Information(123-45-6789 ssn) c. Business intelligence(123-45-6789 Jane Doe unique person) d. 5. What is the difference between data and information? a. Data is raw facts (test score) and information has meaning and is PROCESSED data (class avg) 6. Describe Business Intelligence and what is its purpose? a. Collective info about customers, competitors, partners, can help you make decisions 7. Recognize an example of data, information and BI? a. Data:123456789 b. Information:123-45-6789 ssn c. BI:123-45-6789 ssn Jane Doe 8. What are the attributes to describe the information resource? a. Timeliness b. Location c. form (audio, text etc) d. validity Lack of these will result in GIGO garb in garb out in decisions 9. Name and describe the flows of the information resource? a. Upward-state of organization based on transactions b. Downward- strategies, goals, and directives that originate at a higher level and passed to a lower level c. Horizontal- between functional business units and work teams d. Inward/outward – from and to customers, suppliers, distributors, partners. 10. What is information granularity? Provide an example? a. Degree of detail and precision contained in data 11. What is the difference between internal, external, subjective and objective information? a. Internal- specific operational aspects of the organization b. External- environment surrounding the organization c. Objective- quantifiably describes something that is known d. Subjective- attempts to describe something that is unkown 12. What is a knowledge worker? Name and describe the two types of knowledge workers? a. Technology literate- knows how and when to apply technology b. Information literate- can define information needs, knows how/when to obtain info. Understands info, acts appropriately based on info 13. Which knowledge worker is the more sophisticated type? a. Information literate
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14. What is Ethics? Which quadrant should we all strive to stay in? a. Ethics- principles and standards that guide our behavior toward other people b. Quadrant 1 both ethical and legal 15. What is Information Technology? a. Computer based tools that people use to work with information 16. What are the 6 categories of Hardware / 2 categories of Software? a.
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Quiz 1 Study Guide - Chapter 1 1. What is MIS? a. planning...

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