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BIO155 Study Guide Fall 2010 Chapter 8 1. The functions of cell division 2. The cell cycle (interphase and M phase) 3. What is cancer? Understand the underlying cause of cancer (the role of oncogenes and tumor suppressors, which are mentioned in Chapter 11) 4. The functions of meiosis and how the chromosomes behave as a cell divides by meiosis (meiosis I and II) 5. Understand the differences between meiosis and mitosis Chapter 9 1. Mendel’s law of segregation 2. Inheritance pattern of a single trait determined by one gene (monohybrid cross) 3. Using a testcross 4. Understand terms: autosomal, recessive, dominant, wild-type, heterozygous, homozygous, genotype, phenotype 5. Variations on Mendel’s laws Chapter 10 1. The structure of DNA 2. Why is DNA replication important? DNA polymerase as the main enzyme
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Unformatted text preview: responsible for replication 3. Transcription, requires RNA polymerase 4. Translation and the ribosome 5. What is a virus? 6. The reproductive cycles of bacteriophage and HIV Chapter 11 1. What is cellular differentiation? 2. Lac operon as a model of gene regulation 3. Points of gene regulation 4. Therapeutic and organismal cloning 5. The genetic basis of cancer Chapter 12 1. Steps of gene cloning 2. Use of cloning to make transgenic organisms 3. DNA fingerprinting in solving crime scenes 4. Ethical issues Some of the topics I will NOT be asking you questions on: Linked genes, sex-linked genes, dihybrid crosses, homeotic genes....
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