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Fall, 2009 - 1 CMN 103-101: Intercultural Communication M....

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M. W. 11:20-12:50, Fall 2009 Instructor: Dr. Lucy Xing Lu, College of Communication Office: Room1807, 14 East Jackson Office Hours: 1:30-2:30 MW and by appointment Phone: 312-362-7759 Email: llu@depaul.edu Course Description : This course explores issues pertaining to intercultural communication concepts, experiences, and processes. We will consider the important role of context (social/cultural, historical, and interpersonal) in intercultural interactions. We will examine the complex relationship between culture and communication from three conceptual perspectives: the social psychological perspective, the interpretive perspective, and the critical perspective. We will discuss the relationship between language, culture, and communication, and cover issues of cultural identity, the process of cultural adaptation, and intercultural communication conflict. The readings, class discussions, and assignments are designed to help develop intercultural communication skills, sensitivity, and competency; and to encourage involvement, enjoyment, and appreciation of diverse cultures. Learning Objectives : 1. To learn about values and practices of one’s own culture as well as the culture of others. 2. To understand and apply the methods, strengths and weaknesses of the social scientific, interpretive, and critical approaches to the study of culture and communication. 3. To display self-reflexivity and examine your own ethnocentric tendencies, including stereotypes and prejudice you hold about your own and other cultural groups. 4. To recognize and critique the impact of history and power in intercultural communication contexts. 5. To become more willing, flexible, and open-minded in intercultural communication interactions. Required Textbook : Martin, Judith N., & Thomas K. Nakayama. Intercultural Communication in Context , 5 th ed., McGraw Hill, Boston, 2009 Additional Readings on Blackboard Assignments : 1. Attendance and Participation : Attend class regularly, demonstrate evidence of having done the assigned readings. Be prepared to contribute to class discussions, participate in class activities and group discussions, respect different views. 10 points. 1
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Fall, 2009 - 1 CMN 103-101: Intercultural Communication M....

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