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mid-term studyguide - CMN 103 Intercultural Communication...

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CMN 103 Intercultural Communication Mid-term exam study-guide The exam questions will be drawn from Chapters 1-5 of the textbook by Martin & Nakayama, articles we read and discussed in class, class lectures, and videos. The exam will be in the format of multiple-choice questions (30 points), true/false questions (20 points), short answer questions (30 points) and short essay questions (20 points). Key Terms : global village, Anglocentrism, heterogeneity, mutiphrenia, hyphenated Americans, Afrocentricity, melting pot, dialectical approach to the study of cultures, emic and etic approach, high and low context cultures, uncertainty avoidance, cultures of masculinity and femininity, power distance, core symbols, symbolic significance, interpellation, colonialism, postcolonialism, diaspora, global nomads, culture brokers Concepts and Questions : Imperatives of studying intercultural communication ( impacts of technology, immigration, global economy, self-awareness, and ethics on intercultural communication)
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