Autumn 2010 MKT 301 Syllabus - Update

Autumn 2010 MKT 301 Syllabus - Update - September 2010 Dear...

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September 2010 Dear Marketing 301 Student: Welcome to Marketing 301, this course is required for undergraduate commerce students and those who will have a minor in business. I know that many of you have chosen this course for one or more of the following reasons; it is at the Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, it is required for you to complete your program of study, it fits with your otherwise very hectic schedule of work, family and other social responsibilities. Whatever the reasons, I believe this course will provide you with the opportunity to acquire more knowledge about the subject of marketing. I also know that your level of knowledge will be determined by the amount of effort that you are able to devote to the study of marketing. In my 44-year association with DePaul University, as a student, administrator and faculty member, I know that each of you will contribute something unique to your classmates learning. I even expect to learn something from you. So let me give you some ideas to think about while you are taking this course. First, I want you to think of this course as a “risk-free learning environment.” I want you to feel free to express you opinions, thoughts and ideas about the area of marketing and business in general. You should feel comfortable in challenging me, the authors of your texts, and the ideas expressed by your classmates as they relate to marketing and business. In expressing these feelings however, you must do so in a manner that is sensitive to and respects the beliefs, values and dignity of you classmates and myself. Second, as you read through my syllabus you know that you will be required to do a great deal of preparation prior to each class meeting. I have learned over the years that true learning can be one or all of the following: exciting, painful, fast, slow and frustrating. I also know that true learning requires a lot of work on the part of the students and faculty member. In reading my course evaluations over the years I believe that I can summarize what the majority of students comments with the following phrase, “Kemp requires a lot of work, but I learned a lot about the areas of marketing and business in general.” My purpose is not to give you assignments just for the sake of giving you busy work, everything I assign or ask you to do is by design to give you an opportunity to learn. Finally, I would like to say that once you are one of my students you are always one of my students. I hope that we continue to be in contact over the years and if you need advice or assistance that you feel free to call on me. I will try to help you to the best of my ability. Looking forward to a great quarter with you, Philip R. Kemp, DBA
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DePAUL UNIVERSITY--COLLEGE OF COMMERCE--DEPARTMENT OF MARKETING AUTUMN QUARTER 2010--MARKETING 301-404 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING Instructor: Dr. Philip R. Kemp Office: DPC 7403 Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursdays 10-11 a.m. Phone: (312) 362-6890 Fax: (312) 362-5198 e-mail: e-mail
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Autumn 2010 MKT 301 Syllabus - Update - September 2010 Dear...

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