Sophomore Seminar in Multiculturalism in America

Sophomore Seminar in Multiculturalism in America -...

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Sophomore Seminar in Multiculturalism in America Religious Worlds and Worldviews LSP 200, Fall 2009 Quarter; T/Th 10:10-11:40 in Loop Room Prof. Yarina Liston, ; Meetings scheduled by request. Course Description: The focus of this course is the American encounter with Asian religions and their interaction. The student will develop an intercultural awareness of some different religious communities in the United States and how these communities relate to and understand each other. The three religions we will study are Christianity, Hinduism and Buddhism. These three religions will be investigated in both the local social setting with an eye to the global situation as well. This type of course seeks to cultivate critical thinking about the problems of representation, social inequalities between groups, recognition of diverse voices, and the different answers to human problems. Learning Outcomes : 1. By the end of this class, students will identify key debates in the history of multiculturalism. As students understand the debates and values of multiculturalism in theory, they will be able to apply them beyond the classroom into practice by developing and using reasonable guidelines for prioritizing important values – including respect for differences, equality, and social justice. 2. Through the use of self-reflection and critical analysis, students will be able to identify and understand their place in their own historical context. They will also be able to articulate assumptions and explore connections to alternative interpretations and perspectives on history and culture other than their own. 3. Student will critically analyze multiple sources of information (from, for example, relevant databases and other reference works, primary and secondary sources, community knowledge, etc.) in order to form clear, concise arguments about multicultural issues and to interpret evidence from a variety of points of view. 4. Students will practice seminar behavior (including class discussion, active listening,
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Sophomore Seminar in Multiculturalism in America -...

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