ch 21 pq2

ch 21 pq2 - C21 PQ2 (L) 1. a. b. c. d. During the planning...

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C21 PQ2 (L) 1. During the planning step of the management process, the balanced scorecard provides a. reports that enable managers to monitor performance measures. b. performance measures for evaluating managers’ strategies. c. a framework that enables managers to translate their organization’s vision and strategy into operational objectives. d. objectives that managers use as a basis for decision making within their individual areas of responsibility. 2. TF The reports prepared during the reporting step of the management process should be designed to give managers a standard format for comparing performance among departments. 3. The four basic stakeholder groups are a. investors, employees, internal business processes, and customers. b. employees, lenders, customers, and managers. c. investors, employees, creditors, and customers. d. investors, government tax agencies, employees, and customers. 4. Which of the following represents a basic stakeholder of an organization? a. The account receivable clerk of the organization b. A vice president of the organization c. A line supervisor of the organization d. All of these choices 5. Which of the following is an example of a performance measurement? a. Product quality b. Number of customer complaints c. Customer satisfaction d. All of these choices 6. TF A performance management and evaluation system allows a company to identify how well it is doing,
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ch 21 pq2 - C21 PQ2 (L) 1. a. b. c. d. During the planning...

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