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Quiz 5. February 23, 2011 Seat # _________ Name: _________________________ Closed book and notes. No calculator. For Questions 1—5, consider a sequence of units coming off an assembly line. Each is defective with probability 0.01 (and otherwise not defective). Assume that different units being defective or non-defective are independent. For each question, write two answers. The first is the family of distributions of the random variable; the second is the answer to the question. 1. (2 pt) Of 100 units, the expected number of "defectives". family: _________________________ 2. (2 pt) The expected number of units until the fourth "defective" unit.
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Unformatted text preview: family: _________________________ 3. (2 pt) Standard deviation of the number of units until the fourth "non-defective". family: _________________________ 4. (2 pt) The probability that the first "defective" is the second unit. family: _________________________ 5. (2 pt) The probability that exactly one of the first ten units is "defective". family: _________________________ ______________________________________________________________________ Write on the back any concerns about the weekly quizzes or the course in general. IE 230 – Page 1 of 1 – Schmeiser...
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