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Quiz 6. March 2, 2011 Seat # _________ Name: _________________________ Closed book and notes. No calculator. Consider the experiment of choosing a random IE230 class day (that you attend). Let X denote the time (in minutes) that you spend walking to class. (a) (2 points) Sketch the density function. Label and scale both axes. (b) (2 points) In your sketch, indicate the location of mean time to walk to class. (c) (2 points) In your sketch, indicate the standard deviation of your time to walk to
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Unformatted text preview: class. (d) (2 points) In your sketch, indicate the 90th percentile of your distribution. (That is, the walking time for which ninety percent of the time you walk less.) (e) ( 2 points) Sketch the cdf. Label and scale both axes. ______________________________________________________________________ Write on the back any concerns about the weekly quizzes or the course in general. IE 230 – Page 1 of 1 – Schmeiser...
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