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syllabus - IE 230Probability and Statistics in Engineering...

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IE 230—Probability and Statistics in Engineering, I Web Page: http://www.ecn.purdue.edu/ ie230/ Spring 2011 School of Industrial Engineering MWF 1:30pm, GRIS 180 Purdue University Professor B.W. Schmeiser bruce @ purdue.edu DO NOT HESITATE Grissom 228 (765) 491–8665 (cell) TO CONTACT Office Hours: By appointment or walk in PROFESSOR SCHMEISER Help Sessions: Most Sundays, 7pm, GRIS180 Teaching Assistants (Office Hours: As posted on the course web page.) Greg Thompson glthomps @ purdue.edu Textbook: D. Montgomery and G. Runger, Applied Statistics and Probability for Engineers, Wiley, 2007 (fourth edition). Chapters 1 through 7. (IE 330 begins in Chapter 8.) Course Content: Introduction (Chapter 1), event probability (Chapter 2), random-variable probability (Chapters 3–5), descriptive statistics (Chapter 6) and inferential statistics (Chapter 7). Events and (discrete and continuous) random variables. Marginal, joint, and conditional distributions, including mean, variance, covariance and correlation. Linear combinations of random variables.
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