quiz1 - T F M = A ∩ M ′ ∪ A ∩ M 6(one point Sketch...

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Quiz 1. September 1, 2010 Seat # _________ Name: _________________________ Closed book and notes. No calculators. Set theory. For all questions below, consider the universe U composed of persons in this room now. Let B denote the set of all students born in Indiana, M the set of all men, and A the set of students born in the USA. Recall that denotes the empty set, denotes union, denotes intersection, and denotes complement. 1. (one point) T F M = ( M ) 2. (one point) T F A = B 3. (one point) T F A , B , and M partition U . 4. (one point) T F ( M A ) ( M A ) = 5. (one point)
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Unformatted text preview: T F M = ( A ∩ M ′ ) ∪ ( A ∩ M ) 6. (one point) Sketch a Venn diagram showing U , A , B , and M . 7. (two points) In set notation, write the set composed of men not born in the USA. 8. (two points) In set notation, write the set composed of students who are neither men nor born in Indiana. ______________________________________________________________________ Write on the back any concerns about the weekly quizzes or the course in general. IE 230. – Page 1 of 1 – Schmeiser...
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