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Quiz 1. September 1, 2010 Seat # _________ Name: ___ < KEY > ___ Closed book and notes. No calculators. Set theory. For all questions below, consider the universe U composed of persons in this room now. Let B denote the set of all students born in Indiana, M the set of all men, and A the set of students born in the USA. Recall that denotes the empty set, denotes union, denotes intersection, and denotes complement. 1. (one point) T F M = ( M ) 2. (one point) T F A = B 3. (one point) T F A , B , and M partition U . 4. (one point) T F ( M A ) ( M A ) = 5. (one point) T F M = ( A M ) ( A M ) 6. (one point) Sketch a Venn diagram showing U , A , B , and M . Draw a rectangle, labeled with
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Unformatted text preview: U . Inside, draw three circles. Circle B is within A . Circle M should enclose part of Circle A and part of Circle B . 7. (two points) In set notation, write the set composed of men not born in the USA. M ∩ A ′ ← 8. (two points) In set notation, write the set composed of students who are neither men nor born in Indiana. M ′ ∩ I ′ or ( M ∪ I ) ′ ← ______________________________________________________________________ Write on the back any concerns about the weekly quizzes or the course in general. IE 230. – Page 1 of 1 – Schmeiser...
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