Lab 5 - Math/Stat 170 Lab Project 5 Macros The purpose of...

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Math/Stat 170 Lab Project 5 Macros The purpose of this lab is to introduce you to additional functionality with in Excel. In particular, you will be introduced to Macros and the graphing functionality. A Macro is a program in Excel that allows you to execute several steps at a time. This project builds on Lab 4. In Part 2 of Lab 4, we computed the minimum premium for a 30 year term insurance policy with a death benefit of $10,000 issued to a male age 61 assuming a rate of return of 10% on investments. In Part 1 of this lab, you will record a “Macro” which changes the output to compute the premium for a 40 year old male insured . In Part 2, you will modify the Macro from Part 1 to allow you to input the age of the insured into an “InputBox” causing Excel to automatically compute the premium. In Part 3, you will use Excel to make a bar graph of the premium as a function of age for a particular age group and a particular interest rate. Part 1: 1. Save a copy of the output from Lab 4 into a file called Lastname_Firstname_lab5.xls. Then open this file. (See the first screen shot below.) The remaining directions refer to the cell numbering in this figure. 2. We will want to be able to change the age of the customer. If not already set up, change cell B17 to “=I8” and B18 to “=B17+1”. Then copy this formula all the way down the page. 3. Go to Sheet2 and Sheet3 and delete all information from those sheets. 4. Copy the mortality table MorTab.xls onto Sheet3 of your workbook. You may need to insert an additional worksheet by right clicking a tab and selecting “I nsert…, Worksheet”. You can change the name of the sheet be right clicking on the corresponding tab for the sheet and selecting "R
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Lab 5 - Math/Stat 170 Lab Project 5 Macros The purpose of...

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