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Note: 1. When you finish your work, name your Excel file like “Lastname_Firstname_lab#.xls”, for example, lab1 by Tom Smith should have the file name “Smith_Tom_lab1.xls”. 2. Please email your Excel file to the designated email address (we have three TAs, you will be required to email your file to one of them each time). Be noted that, the designated email address may be not the same one. 3. The subject line of your email should be “ STAT170_lab#”. This is very
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Unformatted text preview: important if you don’t want your email to be ignored by our TAs. . 4. The TA will e-mail you the grade. IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A GRADE WITHIN A WEEK YOU SHOULD CONTACT THE TA. You should also save the Excel file for the completed lab and a dated copy of the e-mail in your sent box as proof that you did submit the exam....
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