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Jason Lim February 12, 2010 ENGL 260-03 Ms. Lambke Investigating Charlotte Perkins Gilman Part 1: While looking by name Charlotte Perkins Gilman has no connection towards Harriet Beecher Stowe or Henry Ward Beecher, she was in fact their great niece. She married an artist like herself, and conceived a daughter. Gilman became depressed as a result of post-partum and suffered from nervous breakdowns. Born in Connecticut in 1860, she was sent to a sanitarium in Philadelphia in 1887. She stayed in the sanitarium for a year before separating from her husband and moving out to California. At this point in her life she became involved with social reform and feminist groups, going around the country to talk about feminism. She moved to Chicago a couple years later and met with some notable feminists such as Jane Addams and Ellen Gates Starr. Gilman is mostly known by her internationally favored Women and Economics. Aside from writing novels, Gilman also wrote and published her monthly journal
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