egypt - Jason Lim Friday 11:00 Egypt: With Religion, Comes...

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Jason Lim Friday 11:00 Egypt: With Religion, Comes Culture
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By 3000 BCE, the Egyptians rose to be one of the first civilizations established in the world. They developed a distinct culture as they rose to power. Much of their cultural aspects stemmed from the Egyptian gods who parted knowledge to them. As a result, the Egyptian culture had a strong connection to its deities and the supernatural. These gods allowed the formation of a distinct society that would eventually dominate northern Africa. If the Egyptians had not developed such an intricate deity system, much of the unique aspects of Egyptian culture would have never been established. Among the things influenced, Egyptian mythology played a part in how the Egyptians behaved on certain days. The Egyptian calendar system followed a 360 day cycle based on the Nile river cycles. Each day had specific behaviors to adhere to. The Egyptians strictly followed these “rules,” for they were careful not to upset the gods. Along with following certain guidelines on each day, there were five unrecorded days. These additional days can be traced back to the gods Thoth and Khonsu in the “Story of Isis and Osiris.” Thoth was one of the sons of the sun god Re, and was the one who helped the goddess Nut with her predicament. She was to have children that would end Re's human reign. Knowing this, he cursed her so that she could not bear children on any day of the year. Thoth gambled with the moon god Khonsu for his light; winning several times, he gathered enough to create five more days for Nut. The Egyptians celebrated and held great feasts during these five days. On each day, Nut gave birth to a god; of
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egypt - Jason Lim Friday 11:00 Egypt: With Religion, Comes...

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