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history study - Militarism May consider themselves Greek...

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3. While Rome most certainly "expanded" from its origins as a city state throughout the Republic era, would you mark this expansion as an accident or a determined policy? 4. In what ways has geography played a role in the development of two of the civilizations discussed in class? 5. In what ways did Alexander portray himself as the Hellenistic ideal, and to what extent was he successful? 3. Expansion is a determined policy. -Alliances and conquest -Alliance meant Roman citizenship in return for soldiers -Knew when to break alliances -Disbanded the Latin League and captured the rest of Italy 4. Greece -Mountains with isolated valleys -Blocks off Persians at Battle Thermopylae -Little farm land -Irregular coastline allows for ports -Islands in Aegean Sea -Scattered independent settlements -Seafaring is necessary Allowed for the development of different Greek ideals ie: Athenian Democracy & Spartan
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Unformatted text preview: Militarism. May consider themselves Greek, but consider themselves Athenian/Spartan above all. Rome-close proximity to the sea for international trade-protected by the Hills of Rome-fertile volcanic soil-centered on the Italian Peninsula Gave Romans protection from the barbarians from the North, centered them in the middle of Mediterranean trade. 5. Alexander's self representation of Hellenistic ideals-instituted Plato and Aristotle philosophy-built schools-took things in moderation-moderate at a young age-physically developed-had Aristotle as his tutor-shows a pursuit for knowledge / philosophy The spread of Hellenism was far and wide when Alexander reigned, however, the influence waned after his death when his kingdom was divided amongst his generals....
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