hughcapet - Jason Lim Hugh Capet A Worthy King In 987 the...

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Jason Lim November 14, 2010 Hugh Capet: A Worthy King
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In 987, the election of Hugh Capet marked the end of the Carolingian dynasty of the French. Hugh's rival to the throne, Charles, the Duke of Lower Lorraine, made claims to the throne by birth right. The notion of birth right to the throne was no longer undisputed, and the nobility were willing to pick the best of their own to rule France. Assembled in Senlis, the French nobility were swayed by Archbishop Adalbero's speech that Hugh was superior in all aspects of kingship than Charles. Along with discussing Charles' ineffective qualities and Hugh's characteristics that deemed him worthy of the throne, the events that led up to the election also deserve to be discussed, as Hugh's situation could have sealed the throne in itself. Hugh was the son of Hugh the Great and Hedwige of Saxony. At the age of ten, his father died and he inherited the regions of Paris and Orleans. Later, he married Adelaide of Aquitaine, which further increased his influence in other lands (NNDB). Prior to the election, Hugh essentially gained the confidence all of the French duchies and counties except for Normandy and Brittany; he also forged an alliance with German emperor Otto II and later on his son Otto III (Brittanica). In order for him to be officially crowned as king, Hugh needed the support of archbishop Adalbero of Reims. He did not need to do much for Adalbero to crown him king because of an earlier event that already predisposed him to favor Hugh. Lothair, the King of France, fought for the Lorraine region controlled by Otto III. Adalbero did not support this action
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hughcapet - Jason Lim Hugh Capet A Worthy King In 987 the...

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