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Ethics Paper Computer monitoring Ethical stand point Time wasted doing activities unrelated to job ~22.8 million employees … waste one or more hours on the internet each day Employers have a right to monitor employees because they are paying them. Companies own the equipment Have a right to protect their equipment against misuse Measures productivity of employees through various monitoring software Employees are paid to do specific work in an efficient manner Looking out for the interest of third parties Misuse could harm customer/other information. Protect from legal actions stemming as a result of inappropriate employee communications
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Unformatted text preview: Unethical stand point Invasion of privacy Existence of privacy rights and other related rights is sufficient to undermine extreme views like how employers can monitor them all day Types of privacy informational privacy-concerned with the protection of anonymity with personal information physical privacy- free from unwanted intrusion or observation psychological privacy- the control over the release or retention of personal information interactional privacy- protects communication between employees...
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