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Jason Lim Ethics Reflection Paper My father, Kiet (pronounced like key+it), is what I consider to be a good person. He was born in Cambodia, but came to the United States through a family that sponsored him. After he arrived, he worked various jobs to make an income while under the care of his sponsor family. He eventually married De, my mother, and they moved into a studio apartment. While they lived at the apartment, they had their first son. Later on, Kiet obtained a steady job that paid decently at a factory that manufactured bed frames, so he was able to move his family into a house. He paid off the mortgage, and had his second son (me). Kiet paid a daycare to look after my brother and I while he and my mother worked during the day. Up until high school, he would pick me up from school after he got off work. Right now, Kiet still works at the same factory he first worked at twenty-six years ago, and still lives in the same house he paid off twenty-one years ago. While this may seem like just events from any ordinary man, the minute details matter. The first quality that makes my father a good person is his courage. Kiet lived in Cambodia during the reign of the Khmer Rouge, a communist movement led by Pol Pot. After discussing options with his family, they decided it was best for him to leave and escape to the refugee camp in Thailand. Here he waited for months until a family sponsored him. The survival rate of those in the refugee camp was low, as he saw several people die from starvation. He wagered against the odds to escape a terrible regime and be chosen to go to the United States. Even when he arrived in the United States his courage still showed. Plunged into an entirely different culture and environment, Kiet made efforts to learn English and adapt to
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ethics reflectionpaper - Jason Lim Ethics Reflection Paper...

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