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Jason Lim Ethics January 18, 2011 Reading Questions #1 1. Rationality is often lost in desperate times as seen in this reading. While Parker's homicide was done for the survival of those on the boat, it does not justify killing him, even if he was deathly sick. If Parker was as sick as they described him, he would have eventually died naturally, letting the others to engage in cannibalism. 2. Brooks is a hypocrite in the fact that he refused to decide to kill anyone, but felt that it was
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Unformatted text preview: alright for him to consume Parker after Dudley killed him. If he refused to kill, he should have refused to partake in any activities that involved Parker when he was living, and when he was dead. 3. The two were originally sentenced to be hanged, but ended up getting their freedom. While the original sentence was too severe, getting off with no repercussions was too lenient. They should have served some amount of time for their actions....
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