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Jason Lim January 24, 2011 Ethics Reading Questions #2 1. Normative ethics is concerned with standards for how one deems an action to be right, and the moral evaluation of that action. 2. Those who follow Kantian ethics view murder as a wrong action because it goes against an universal norm while not treating the victim with respect; utilitarians argue that murder is wrong because it deprives the person of future experiences. 3. Meta-ethics relates to normative ethics because it deals with issues about ethics, which shapes how normative ethics evaluates actions.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. To evaluate a moral theory or any theory in general, it must remain consistent in its beliefs. One can also compare the theory to an existing theory. Moral theories are also evaluated by how well it provides justifying reasons for choosing to do certain actions. A theory must also be able to provide moral justification in not just specific instances, but in general scenarios as well. It should also provide guidelines to evaluate actions, and further stimulate our thoughts and beliefs regarding certain actions or train of thought....
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