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Jason Lim January 26, 2010 Ethics Reading Questions #3 1. Benedict discusses various non-Western societies to show that how one views certain actions or behaviors is determined by their culture. Being homosexual is often frowned upon, but it is a way of life for people in Native American tribes; the death of a loved one requires not the mourning of the dead, but the taking of another person's life. We see these behaviors as strange since we have been brought up in a culture that has taught us that these are not “regular.” 2. Benedict claims that a society obtains its ethical norms by means of majority. If the majority
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Unformatted text preview: has certain traits or displays specific behaviors, then it is then considered to be the norm for that group of people. This method quickly identifies the few deviants who do not follow the common trend, and are often shunned or benefit less from society. 3. The author would translate the phrase to: “What one views as a morally good way to treat another is determined by the norms of their culture and society.” Benedict heavily places great importance on how the culture impacts the behaviors of individuals, and how one evaluates things as “right” and “wrong.”...
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