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Jason Lim Ethics Reading Questions #7 1. The greatest happiness principle is the defining principle of utilitarianism that states that actions are considered to be right if the resulting consequences allows for the greatest happiness for the maximum amount of people. 2. People have problems equating happiness to pleasure because it would seem like people would just be animals without any rationality. Mill argues against this by claiming that humans have a more elevated sense of pleasure than animals. We recognize a priority in pleasures: actions resulting in mental pleasure are considered to be better than pleasures of the body. 3. Mill explains the difference between the rule of action and the motive because often people look at these as going hand in hand when evaluating an action. The rule of action is already guided by
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Unformatted text preview: what we consider our duties to be, but the motive is entirely separate from the morality of the action. Mill believes that motive is highly reflected from the agent's character. 4. Mill provides a proof to the principle of Utility by claiming that it is in our nature to desire what makes us happy. This desire gives us a reason to do certain actions that will result in happiness. Because we choose to do things that result in happiness, happiness must be the sole end of human action. It is a convincing proof that such a principle exists, but I feel that we don't do all actions for happiness. No one would say that they go to school because it makes them happy; they go to school because it is a necessity to live a better life....
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