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ethics RQ9 - virtual reality Again since utilitarianism has...

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Jason Lim Ethics Reading Questions #9 1. Harwood states that utilitarianism requires maximizing utility because there are no other moral values that utilitarianism is concerned with, thus one must always strive to gain as much utility as one can. 2. Objection 9 stated that sadistic, racist, and sexist actions are viewed as acceptable means to achieve satisfaction. Utilitarianism is only driven by satisfaction being its only concerned value, and so it has no way of distinguishing between satisfactions that are better and that are worse. Utilitarians could counterclaim that by saying while it brings satisfaction to the individual, such acts bring dissatisfaction for the greater number of people, thus reducing the overall happiness of society. Objection 7 stated that if a fully developed virtual reality machine existed, then utilitarianism forces us to be in the machine all the time (assuming that it provides the greatest satisfaction). There would be no need to come out of the machine, since people would have everything they could ever want inside the
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Unformatted text preview: virtual reality. Again, since utilitarianism has only satisfaction as its value, there are no restrictions of having to be in reality to get satisfaction. Utilitarians could argue that eventually the bodily functions of humans would activate and force them out of reality, but the inventors could have recognized that and built in a toilet. Objection 3 stated that utilitarianism is unjust in the sense that it does not handle retributive and distributive justice well. If a person could greatly benefit his society by not being convicted of murder then he will be let free; or if a person could benefit others, then he will be used to benefit them, even if it means the death of that one person. Utilitarians could argue that these claims could never occur as they are highly unrealistic. Regardless if they're unrealistic, there is still some reality about such instances that if they were to occur, then utilitarianism would have to be refuted....
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