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Jason Lim Ethics Reading Questions #14 1. In order for a question to be considered an applied ethical issue there must be enough controversy that there are significant number of people for and against the issue as well as being distinctly a moral issue. 2. People usually try to bypass a stalemate in an ethical dispute by consulting different normative principles to see where the weight of the evidence lies. 3. I value the principles of autonomy and harm out of given principles. I acknowledge that people have a right to do whatever they want to/with their body, so as long as no other person is harmed in the
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Unformatted text preview: process. I believe that there are often times where the principle of honesty must be broken in order to see the right outcome, so it is one that I do not hold to a higher standard as the other two. 4. I would have done the same as the parents did. I cannot stand to see someone grow up in a deficient manner, and I would rather end his life to avoid the pain he would suffer and the suffer that I would have seeing him struggle....
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