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Jason Lim Ethics Reading Question #16 1. Those who consider corporations to be moral agents do so on the basis that there are internal decision structures that correspond to decision authority as well as rules that determine whether or not one does things as a corporate decision rather than a personal decision. Some reject this argument since they believe that those internal decision structures are a creation of human agency, so therefore they are rules of how one should act under a corporation. Since corporations have those guidelines that determine whether or not an action is done for the corporation, it means that they are really trying to distinguish themselves from the people that work under it, so they do seem to be moral agents. 2. Stakeholder theory is a theory that says businesses should behave in such ways that benefit those who have substantial ties to the company. Shareholder theory is more concerned with maximizing the
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Unformatted text preview: benefits for shareholders. 3. At-will employment is when an employee or employer can terminate an employment relation for no reason at any time. Werhane deems the at-will doctrine to be unethical because it portrays companies to not regard their employees as persons because they a have a right to told reasons that brought about the termination. The author counters this argument saying that the at-will doctrine is an agreement that gives the reason for the termination because it is based on each party's discretion. 4. If a company strictly follows normative business norms, then they risk minimizing or ignoring competitive reality, could ignore other country rules since business norms are usually based on the home country, and could favor Western views of what justice, fairness, and ethics are....
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