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Nonverbal Communication Lecture Notes

Nonverbal Communication Lecture Notes - Body Language A...

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Nonverbal Communication I. Introduction A. Continuous B. Emotional Impact C. Cultural Variations II. Functions of Nonverbal Communication A. Impression Management B. Sign of Membership C. Regulate Communication D. Provide Feedback E. Repeat or Emphasize Verbal Message F. Substitute for Words G. Express Social Relationships 1. Power and Dominance 2. Compliance 3. Affect Management 4. Social Intimacy III. Body Language
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Unformatted text preview: Body Language A. Proximity B. Touch C. Eye Contact D. Facial Expressions E. Gestures F. Posture G. Olfactics (Personal Orders) H. Physical Appearance I. Chronemics IV. Paraverbal Language A. Pitch B. Rate C. Volume D. Inflection E. Accents F. Silences and Pauses G. Miscellaneous Sounds V. Symbolic Language VI. Written Language VII. Electronic Communication...
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