Understanding literature exercise - Part 3 - INSTRUCTIONS NEW

Understanding literature exercise - Part 3 - INSTRUCTIONS NEW

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THM2112 Sophomore Research Seminar Spring 2011 Florian Zach, PhD Understanding literature exercise Part 3 – Methodology/Analysis/Results (INDIVIDUAL WORK). (20%). Use template from Blackboard. INSTRUCTIONS Read your article prior to class. Now as you have read the whole article answer the below listed questions for the one article you selected. Some answers can be found directly in the text of the article. However, most of the questions will require an original answer based on your knowledge and logic. Do not copy/paste from the article. Answer in your own words; use direct quotes sparingly, if at all. This need not be a lengthy assignment (max 2 pages). Upload the finished assignment to
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Unformatted text preview: Blackboard (prior to class). Questions to answer: a) What is the purpose of this study? b) What were two key points the authors made in their literature review? c) What are the concepts explored in this study? How were they measured? d) What did you find most interesting in their conclusions? e) Did the authors’ conclusions match or answer their problem statement? If so, how? If not, why not? f) Based on these findings, what new research questions have emerged? g) Is this study relevant—why or why not? Are there implications for management in this study’s findings? If yes, what are they? Due: Class of Week 14 (see syllabus)...
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