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THM 1311 – INTRO TO TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY  GROUP DISCUSSION 4 INTRUCTOR: GEUNHEE LEE SWOT analysis: Key steps in the tourism planning process Tourism planning and tourism development come hand-in-hand. Planning establishes the goals,  objectives, and guidelines as well as identifies the opportunities and strategy for tourism  development. Our textbook outlines the key issues that are involved in both tourism planning and  development. In order to help you better understand these issues, this exercise is designed with  the intention to give you some hands-on experience of tourism planning. This guideline  describes what you need to do to complete the exercise. you are expected to do the following  two things: 1) Choose a specific tourist city/community (Decide by all group members). Imagine you  are a senior consultant currently hired by the Municipal Government. Your destination is 
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Unformatted text preview: considering to improve the current situation by encouraging more investment to further develop the tourism sector. Before new policies and incentive programs can be issued, the government of your destination wants to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the tourism resources in order to identify major strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT). 2) Based on SWOT analysis, provide some suggestions to improve tourism in your destination. Assignment and presentation should summarize the SWOT Analysis and suggestions for future tourism development in your destination. This TYPED report is an INDIVUDIUAL work. The report is to due at the beginning of Mondays class (November 8). Individual assignment: min. 2 pages (double spaced, 1 margins), typed (font: times new roman, 12 pt), individual work (use the template file). 1...
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