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THM1311 Fall 2010 - Tell me about yourself

THM1311 Fall 2010 - Tell me about yourself - computers etc...

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THM 1311 SECTION1 – INTRODUCTION TO TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY  INTRUCTOR: GEUNHEE LEE TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF 1. Name: ______________________________________________________ 2. Phone No. (______) _____________ Work No. (______) _____________ 3. Home Town: ________________________________________________ 4. Present Standings:  ___Freshman ___Sophomore ___Junior ___Senior 5. What is your major? 6. Why did you choose this course? 7. What are some of your interests? 8. What are your career plans? 9. What experience do you have using the school library (finding journal articles, using the 
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Unformatted text preview: computers, etc.)? 10. What experience do you have in writing (any writing courses attended in high school or university, extracurricular activities, etc.)? 11. List names of the countries and/or states you have visited. 12. How do you feel about this class? Hopes? Concerns? THM 1311 SECTION1 INTRODUCTION TO TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY INTRUCTOR: GEUNHEE LEE 13. Is there anything about yourself you would like me to know?...
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