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Assignment 2 - Peer Review-1

Assignment 2 - Peer Review-1 - 9 Are the most important...

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Remember: single-spaced for these. Writer’s Name: Reviewer’s Name: 1) Is there a salutation? 2) Does the letter have an opening, body, and close? 3) Is the direct approach used? 4) How is the tone of the letter? Is there any place where the tone is inappropriate? 5) Does the writer assume the audience will comply? 6) Is the letter specific enough? If not, indicate where more details might be useful? 7) Is there irrelevant information? Where? 8) Does the writer point out how the recipient might benefit? 9)
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Unformatted text preview: 9) Are the most important questions asked first? If not, which questions should go first? 10)Are there any irrelevant questions? If so, which ones? 11)Does the writer present himself/herself/the company positively? 12)Does the close contain a specific request? If not, suggest what might be a good one? 13)Does the close include contact details? 14)Does it contain an expression of appreciation? 15)Are there any egregious punctuation or spelling errors? 16)Any other comments?...
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