Assignment 5 - Peer Review

Assignment 5 - Peer Review - Career Summary Education-Lists...

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Cover Letter Opening - Clearly states reason for writing - Gives recipient reason to keep reading Middle - Strongest selling points - Backs these up with evidence - Doesn’t repeat the resume - Demonstrates personal characteristics - Refers reader to resume Final Paragraph - Asks reader for specific action o Offers to come to employer’s office at convenient time or offer to call o Has contact info o Mentions follow up o Refers again to strongest selling point o Date of availability - Facilitates reply Resume Heading - Name, physical address, email address, phone number Introductory statement has one of the following: - Career objective - Qualifications summary
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Unformatted text preview: Career Summary Education-Lists each school, starting with most recent-Lists major and minor-Includes significant skills and abilities-List relevant courses-Lists Awards-If mentions GPA, includes scale Work Experience-Jobs in reverse chronological order-Name and location of each employer-States functional title-How long on each job-Most space on jobs related to target position Activities and Achievements DOES NOT INCLUDE-Items that would encourage discrimination-Salary info-Reasons for leaving jobs-Names of supervisors-Social Security number-Photos How is the design?...
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Assignment 5 - Peer Review - Career Summary Education-Lists...

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