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Final Project Presentation Checklist

Final Project Presentation Checklist - make sure any...

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1) What is the main idea of the project? 2) Does the introduction: a. Get the audience’s attention? How? Does it use one of the following? i. Unite the audience around a common goal. ii. Tell an intriguing story that illustrates an important and relevant point. iii. Pass around an example or otherwise appeal to listeners’ senses. iv. Ask a question that will get your audience thinking about your message. v. Share an intriguing, unexpected, or shocking detail. vi. Open with an amusing observation about yourself, the subject matter of the presentation, or the circumstances surrounding the presentation—but
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Unformatted text preview: make sure any humorous remarks are relevant and appropriate. b. Establish the speaker’s credibility? c. Prepare the audience for what will follow? 3) Does the body: a. Use transitions? Can you follow the organization of the essay? Please write down the major ideas in order. b. Hold the reader’s attention? How? 4) Does the close: a. Announce that the speaker is about to finish? b. Restate the main points? c. Describe the next steps? d. End with confidence? 5) Evaluate the visuals. How effective are they? Can they be improved? 6) How did the speaker respond to questions?...
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