Writing Business Industry Syllabus

Writing Business Industry Syllabus - Writing for Business...

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Writing for Business and Industry Syllabus English 2596 Sec. 001 – Writing for Business and Industry, Fall ‘10 MWF: 9:00-9:50, Tuttleman Learning Center (TL) 407 Instructor: Michelle Martin Email: mi.martin@temple.edu Office: Anderson 1137 (11 th floor, turn right out of the elevators. Last module on your left.) Office Hours: TBA Description: The main goal of the course is to improve your professional writing. Many areas of written communication will be addressed, but primary emphasis will be placed on a variety of professional letters, a written proposal for a long report, a long report, and a related oral presentation. We will also place great emphasis on understanding audience and psychological reactions to wording and style. We will consider areas such as email writing and etiquette, and the relationship of business ethics and etiquette to professional writing. Objective: The student will achieve a level of proficiency and self-confidence in the practice of writing effectively, succinctly and with purpose in and for the business community. Writing is a skill developed through practice and effort; do not expect to achieve the course goal unless you put considerable effort into each written assignment. Required Text: John V. Thill, Courtland L. Bovee. Excellence in Business Communication . 8 th edition, 2007. Grading Breakdown: Grades are based on a point system. You may earn 100 points. The following schedule applies: Assignment #1 -- Analyze the Audience for a Magazine Advertisement 5 points Assignment #2 -- Direct Letter (Good News) 5 points Assignment #3 -- Indirect Letter (Bad News) 8 points Assignment #4 -- Persuasive Letter (Sales) 8 points Assignment #5 -- Resume/Cover Letter 10 points Assignment #6 -- Short Report/Proposal 10 points Assignment #7 -- Oral Presentation of Final Project 10 points Assignment #8 -- Long Report/Final Project 22 points Attendance/Participation/In Class Assignments 22 points ----------- Total 100 points “Academic Freedom:” The University has adopted a new policy regarding “Academic Freedom.” The policy can be found here: http://policies.temple.edu/getdoc.asp?policy_no=03.70.02 Attendance/Participation: Both are expected and encouraged. You are allowed to miss 5 classes, though you may not make up the in-class work on those days. Every absence over 5 (6+) will result in a lowering of your final grade. Participation is a key component of this course. If you become involved in class discussion, you’re more likely to understand the material, and you’ll get more out of the course. If you are going to be absent on the day work is due, please inform me by email before the class, and bring a hard copy of the assignment to the next class. During class, drinks are fine, but please don’t bring food into the classroom . If you have an emergency/major problem that would cause prolonged absence, let me know. Plagiarism:
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Writing Business Industry Syllabus - Writing for Business...

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