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THM 1113 Economic Impact of Leisure

THM 1113 Economic Impact of Leisure - • In an economy...

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Economic Impact of Leisure I. Selected Economic Impact Statements Leisure is becoming the new center of the U.S. economy. Americans spend about a third of their income on leisure pursuits. About a third of all automobile travel is for leisure. About two-thirds of all air travel is for leisure. Leisure represents about a third of all consumer spending. Leisure drives the economy by fostering consumerism.
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Unformatted text preview: • In an economy driven by consumer spending, leisure is America’s number one economic activity. II. Leisure Spending III. How does leisure help the economy? A. Expenditures and Investments B. Employment C. Taxes D. Property Values IV. How does leisure harm the economy? A. Accidents B. Negative Balance of Payments...
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