THM 1113 Having Fun in Leisure Qualities of Leisure

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Having Fun in Leisure Qualities Associated with Leisure 1. Freedom a. Positive Freedom – Freedom to … b. Negative Freedom – Freedom from… 2. Intrinsic Reward 3. Happiness 4. Pleasure a. cynicism b. skepticism c. stoicism d. epicureanism e. hedonism 5. Play
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Game a. Agon b. Alea c. Mimicry d. Ilinx 7. Humor a. Superiority Theory of Laughter b. Relief Theory of Laughter c. Incongruity Theory of Laughter 8. Relaxation 9. Ritual 10.Solitude 11.Commitment 12.Spirituality 13.Risk...
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