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THM 1113 Leisure and Equity

THM 1113 Leisure and Equity - D Assimilation – absorption...

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Leisure and Equity I. Types of Constraints to Leisure A. Structural B. Intrapersonal C. Interpersonal II. Key Concepts A. Inclusion – the involvement and full acceptance of persons with special needs into a wide range of community settings B. Diversity – recognition and celebration of differences within a unifying sense of togetherness C. Ethnicity – having a unique cultural heritage that is passed on from one generation to another, often identified by patterns of language, family life, religion, and recreational customs
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Unformatted text preview: D. Assimilation – absorption into a system (the disappearance of ethnic differences, the merging into a cultural homogeneous whole) E. Pluralism – when members of diverse ethnic and racial groups maintain separate participation in their own traditional cultures III. Theories to Explain Differences in Leisure Pursuits Among Ethnic Groups A. Marginality Theory B. Ethnicity Theory IV. Supreme Court Cases A. Plessy vs. Ferguson 1896 B. Brown vs. Board of Education Topeka 1954...
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  • Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution, Brown v. Board of Education, Ethnic group, Board of Education Topeka

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