THM 1113 Levels of Play According to Peer Interactions

THM 1113 Levels of Play According to Peer Interactions -...

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Levels of Play According to Peer Interactions Level of play Age Interaction Nonsocial play Infant to one year Unoccupied, unfocused. No peer interaction. Solitary play Infant to one year Child plays alone. No peer interaction. Onlooker play two years Child's interaction with peers is limited to just observing other chil- dren. Parallel play two to three years Children play alongside
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Unformatted text preview: each other but do not interact with each other. Associative play four to five years Some interaction; chil-dren engage in separate activities but interact by exchanging toys and commenting on one another's behavior. Cooperative play six to seven years Fully interactive with peers; children's actions are directed toward a common goal....
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