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THM 1113 Views of Leisure

THM 1113 Views of Leisure - 7 Dimension in Life(Kelly and...

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Views of Leisure 1. Classical View (Ancient Greek View) (Aristotle, DeGrazia, Pieper) 2. Symbol of the Social Class (Veblin) 3. Discretionary Time (Brightbill) 4. Activity (Dumazedier) 5. State of Mind (Neulinger) 6. Quality of Action (Kelly and Freysinger)
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Dimension in Life (Kelly and Freysinger) 8. Antiutilitarian View (Kerr, Grey) 9. Social Instrument (Murphy, Kaplan) 10. Holistic View (Kaplan) 11. Industry (Kraus)...
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