Women and Leisure - c. Difficulty planning ahead for...

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Women and Leisure A. Karla Henderson’s analysis of leisure research findings in 1990 led her to make five broad conclusions about the inequality in leisure and the different nature of women’s leisure experiences at that time. 1. Women experienced inequality in leisure when compared to men. a. Less time b. Less of a priority c. Fewer options d. Narrower options 2. Combining role obligations with leisure was a common focus for many women. a. Perceiving themselves as family members first (wife, mother) and individuals second b. Perceiving their leisure as family leisure 3. Women’s leisure was more likely to occur in the home and be unstructured. a. Home a common place for women’s leisure b. Socialized to value home-based activities 4. Much of women’s leisure was fragmented. a. Seldom have large blocks of time b. “Steal” free time, minute vacations
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Unformatted text preview: c. Difficulty planning ahead for leisure 5. Many women did not feel entitled to leisure. a. Feeling they don’t deserve leisure b. Feeling they have not earned leisure B. Elements Inhibiting Participation in Leisure (Constraints to Leisure) 1. Paid or Unpaid Work 2. Ethic of Care 3. Lack of Entitlement 4. Gender Defined Personality Traits 5. Health and Safety Issues 6. Double Standards 7. Preconceived Notions of Masculine and Feminine Sports (Sex Channeling) 8. Biases C. Elements Promoting Participation in Leisure 1. Equal Pay Provisions 2. Affirmative Action Programs 3. Medical Information 4. Women’s Liberation Movement 5. Changing Attitudes 6. More Females in the Work Force 7. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 8. Political Roles 9. Expanded Programs for Girls and Women 10. More Role Models...
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Women and Leisure - c. Difficulty planning ahead for...

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